Collection: Key Fobs, Dog Collars, Surf Board Bags (Socks)

Key Fobs are handmade and come in a variety of fabric colors and materials, plus they are easy on the budget!  All are double stitched with 2 fabrics and will be easy to find in your bag or tote.  These are also great for gift giving! 

Estimated measurements - 6-7" in length 

Dog Collars are all custom made with in stock fabrics/materials. These are made for Medium to Large size dogs. 

Estimated measurements - Width 1" Length varies from 28" to 36"

Board Day Bags -  Price TBD -  These will be made as "ordered" by the customer.  Bag lengths range from 6 feet to 10 feet. These "socks" are not bags for air travel - they are intended only for day travel.  Fabrics will be presented to customer.  Pricing will be determined with customer from board size and fabrics chosen.  

Contact us: Select the "Chat With Us" on the home screen and click "Email" and send us a message to start the conversation for your custom made Dog Collar or Surfboard Day Bag.